Dr Robin Williams

Dr Robin Williams

Credit: Gigi Williams

About Dr Robin Williams

The artist and the scientist in me are always in restless juxtaposition. It is my Ying and Yang.  Photography is a remarkable blend of art and science and in photography I found my natural habitat.  As a medical photographer I was required to be objective and to make not just faithful reproductions, but ones which were consistent and accurate to the extent that measurements could be taken from them. And yet amidst this pure science I found beauty – images that were both tools of investigation and also an expression of pure natural beauty. At their most harmonious the artist and scientist in me allow me to capture a faithful image that also engages the viewer in the sheer beauty of the natural world. 

Robin is a distinguished photographer with extensive experience as a practitioner, researcher and teacher. He holds undergraduate qualifications in both scientific and medical photography and Masters and PhD degrees in Medicine. He is an Accredited Senior Imaging Scientist and a Fellow of seven learned societies. He had a stellar career as a medical photographer culminating as Director of Medical Illustration and Teaching Services at Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School in London. Then Robin moved into academia and was a Professor of Photography for over 25 years and Dean of the Faculty of Art, Design and Communication at RMIT University in Melbourne. Robin was a Governor and Chair of the Academic Board at Australia's top private photography college (PSC). He has published over 70 original scientific papers and books and delivered over 400 presentations. His work has been regularly exhibited, is in many public and private collections, and has been widely published in for example, Time Life, National Geographic, Sunday Express, The Observer, The Mail on Sunday and New Scientist.His contributions to medical imaging have been recognised by: The Williamson Research Medal of the Royal Photographic Society, The Lancet Award, The BMJ Award, the Presidential Award of the British Institute of Professional Photography, the Norman Harrison Medal of the Institute of Medical Illustration, the Louis Schmidt Medal of the BioCommunications Association and the Combined Royal Colleges Medal (given by all the Royal Medical Colleges for an outstanding contribution of imaging in the service of medicine). Recently Robin has concentrated on his personal work and has quickly established himself as a recognised landscape and nature photographer. He has already won many international awards for his work in this genre; including most recently International Garden Photographer of the Year. 

Professional roles: Author, Lecturer, Photographer, Teacher, Tutor

Location: Australia