Trees, Woods & Forests Competition 8 single results

Trees, Woods & Forests

Single entry award winners - Competition 8

Trees, Woods & Forests

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Mark Gray

1st place

'Mystic Forest'

Mount Buffalo National Park, Victoria, Australia

Vincenzo Mazza

2nd place

'Misty Forest'

Abruzzo, Italy

Paul Marcellini

3rd place

'Celestial Cypress'

Florida, United States

Taru Rantala


'Rowan with Red Berries'

Seinäjoki, Iceland

Stephen Davis


'Winter Shadows'

Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom

Beth Buglione



Zion National Park, Utah, United States

Marek Mierzejewski

Highly Commended

'Autumnal Forest'

Gdansk, Poland

David Cobb

Highly Commended

'Rugged Oregon Coast'

Samuel H. Boardman State Park, Oregon, United States

Peter Hyde

Highly Commended

'Sheltered Holloway'

Devon, England, United Kingdom

Leszek Paradowski

Highly Commended


Drawskie Lakeland, Poland

Noeline Smith


'The Way Ahead'

Vanda Ralevska


'The Sun Drives the Night Away'