Honey Bee defending the Hive

Wildlife in the Garden
Honey Bee defending the Hive by Chris Robbins

Image details - Honey Bee defending the Hive

Photographer: Chris Robbins
Competition: Competition 7
Category: Wildlife in the Garden
Location: Cornwall, England, United Kingdom


We have bee hives on the edge of our garden and I walk past them most days but on this particular day I could tell something was wrong. The buzzing of the bees was much louder than usual and as I got closer I could see that wasps were attacking one of the hives and coming out with bits of chopped up grubs to feed their own young. I went back to get my camera equipment and dressed up in a full beekeeping suit. I spent the next three to four hours kneeling down at the hive entrance; it was a fascinating and exciting experience.


3rd place - Wildlife in the Garden