Wildlife in the Garden Competition 7 single results

Wildlife in the Garden

Single entry award winners - Competition 7

Wildlife in the Garden

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Martha Cabey

1st place

'Springtime Rivalry – First to the Blossom'

Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Steve Nicholls

2nd place

'Pigeon Fight'

Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Chris Robbins

3rd place

'Honey Bee defending the Hive'

Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

David Malikoff


'Huntsman on Fig'

Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia

Alan Price


'Swallow Chicks'

Caernarfon Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom

Jacky Parker


'Buff Tip Moth Caterpillars'

Iver, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom

Minghui Yuan

Highly Commended

'Waiting for Dinner'

Wuhan Botanical Garden, China

Josh Jaggard

Highly Commended

'Roaming Otter'

Norfolk, England, United Kingdom

Graham Love

Highly Commended

'Just Swell'

East Sussex, England, United Kingdom

Hazel Byatt

Highly Commended

'Singing in the Rain'

Surrey, England, United Kingdom

Luka Esenko

Highly Commended

'Zero Gravity'

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Martha Cabey


'Wild Garlic and the Mayfly'

Rachael Talibart


'Halictus Bee'

Tim Hunt


'The End of the Vine'