Pink Eruption

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Pink Eruption by Alessandro Gruzza

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Photographer: Alessandro Gruzza (see profile)
Competition: Competition-14
Category: Plants & Planet
Location: Cotacotani Lake, Lauca National Park, Chile


At 4,800 metres on the Chilean Andes, land and sky can amaze for their variety and colour in a location of pure wilderness. The air is chilly and incredibly clear, my lungs longed for more oxygen as I climbed the hills around the lake - Laguna Cotacotani.

At dusk, the refracted sunlight cast pink hues on the landscape, dominated by the volcanic cone of Mount Parinacota – which stands tall at over 6,300 metres. In the foreground, carpets of Azorella compacta (yareta) grow at this altitude surrounding the stones. These plants have adapted to thrive in extreme conditions and are estimated to live up to 3,000 years.


2nd place - Plants & Planet