View from a Bus Stop

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Photographer: Anna Omiotek Tott
Competition: Competition 17
Location: Lublin, Poland

View from a Bus Stop by Anna Omiotek Tott

These photos were taken with three different cameras, over the period of 7 years, from the same bus stop overlooking wastelands between the allotments and the road close to my mother's home. The place has always been close to my heart, and where I have been returning.

There used to be fields of wheat when I was a child, then a meadow where I walked my dog. Then, the road has been built and blocks of flats where the fields were. This is when I started taking pictures during my visits, recording the seasons and years passing by in this small wild patch of land and observing it changing from a meadow to a woodland.

First, goldenrod escaped from the neighbouring allotment to join the tansy, creating a prairie-like look. Then, birch seedlings started growing very fast and other trees and bushes joined in, without any human intervention, other than occasional fly-tipping. This year, I found it impossible to take photos of the remaining meadowland during the summer, the trees were too big now and there were too many of them. Instead of a meadow, there is a small forest patch now. I hope there are many little oases like this around the world.

The photos are titled; April 2016 – A New Tree, September 2016 – Morning Glow, July 2017 – The Trees Keep Growing, August 2019 – Meadow Overgrown, October 2019 – Glowing Red in Autumn, October 2022 – First Frost.


Highly commended, Portfolio - Competition 17