Faded Beauty

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Portfolio details - Faded Beauty

Photographer: Irene Stupples
Competition: Competition 17
Location: Home Studio, United Kingdom

Faded Beauty by Irene Stupples

My portfolio takes a closer look at some long forgotten parts of Iris versicolor. I love to find beauty in things that are often overlooked, and was captivated by these fading blooms. Looking closely at the delicate petals I was excited to find their hidden secrets. Jewel-like colours, twirls, fragile parchment-like scrolls and intricate patterns, reminiscent of bird feathers.

Nature is the true master of design, its artistry has gifted us this transient beauty. An LED tracing pad was used to provide backlighting to bring out the details of the semi-transparent petals. A subtle texture was used to replace the original white backgrounds via a gaussian blurred layer – I used an image of my kitchen floor covered with a layer of horticultural fleece.


Commended, Portfolio - Competition 17