Leaving Before Dawn

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Portfolio details - Leaving Before Dawn

Photographer: Sophie Horville
Competition: Competition 17
Location: River Seine, Paris, France

Leaving Before Dawn by Sophie Horville

There is charm in this corner, nestled in the curve of the River Seine. A pleasure from which I derive balance, a deep need to escape from the tumult of the city, to take a step back and avoid the breaking point, without moving away.

The first light of day sharpened my senses. I felt the bitter cold of the winter morning envelop me, as the first beat of wings catches my attention. I savour the unexpected, like a journey and immerse myself in contemplating (without restraint), the beauty of my environment.

Perceive the ephemeral, observe the wilderness. By discovering this unique refuge, the promise of a moment to myself, to achieve the essential. In the space of an instant, I find in this clearing the strength of the invisible link that connects me to nature, which provides me with serenity.

The photos are titled; In the Midst of a Cold Winter’s Morning, Seismogram, Two Swans, Natural Design, Alone in the World, Grasses.


Finalist, Portfolio - Competition 17