Tulip Mania

Still life
Tulip Mania by Cristina Wanjura

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Photographer: Cristina Wanjura (see profile)
Competition: Competition 15
Category: Still Life
Location: Neu-Ulm, Bavaria, Germany


With this photo, I tell the story of 'tulip mania' in The Netherlands. It ran from around 1630 and grew to a spectacular collapse in 1637. During this time, the prices of some tulip bulbs rose extraordinarily; the most expensive cultivars cost as much as a house.

In my photo, I show on the left a full purse, tulip bulbs which are weighed in pieces of gold, and a contract for the purchase of a tulip bulb. In the centre there is a tulip vase, and on the right - contracts which have become worthless. For the background, I painted a Dutch landscape at night.


Highly Commended - Still Life