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Giuseppe Satriani

About Giuseppe Satriani

Giuseppe Satriani, full name of PhotoSatriani, was born in Italy but moved several years ago to Spain, in Bilbao, where he still lives and works as an IT consultant. The profession has brought him and still leads him to travel a lot, a circumstance that has definitely encouraged photographic practice.

He has embraced the passion for photography as a boy but his research started structuring in several passages about 20 years ago. His meeting with Luisella d'Alessandro was important, from 1993 to 1995 he co-ordinator of the Torino Foto event, which helped to create the need to direct his photographic research into real projects. Just in Photosaloon of Turin Photo of 1995, Giuseppe exhibited his first series: "Appearances". Fundamentals were also workshops with Larry Fink and Kathleen Carr from whom he learned, in turn, the deepening of social reportage and Polaroid development techniques (Emultion Transfer and Image Transfer). These and other workshops at the CFC School in Bilbao and in PIC.A photoespaña, contributed to a completely self-taught training.

"For me photography is an extemporaneous and very personal expression medium; an instant technique to hold an unrepeatable lived moment or emotion, but also a way to reveal a mental visión or a dream. Postproduction, color saturation, manipulation of the image are not for me simple aesthetic artifices but the tools through which I can enhance my creativity".

2019 - Commended in IGPOTY Black&White Competition 13 with Winter Hibernation I and II

2017 - Highly Commended in IGPOTY Competition 11 with Abstract View

April 2017 - Winner Premio Arte Novara - Digital Art with the image "Pesce Volante"

Participation in Atlántica Colectivas FotoNoviembre 2015 with Ikebana

Participation in GetxoPhoto 2015 with the image “Onirico3”

Selected in VIPHOTO 2014 with Ikebana

Selected in Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña 2014

Group exhibitions in: Atlántica Colectivas FotoNoviembre 2013 with “Orden y Caos”; PhotoVernissage (San Petersburgo) 2012 with “Urban Ubiquity”; DeARTE 2012 y 2013 with: “Biografía de árboles solitarios” and “La experiencia emocional del silencio”; “Espressioni Italiane” (2009, Atenas) and Cheapart (2009, Salonicco); Photosalon - Biennale Italiana della Fotografia (1995).

Personal exhibitions in Taberna de los Mundos (2001 y 1996, Bilbao); participación

Professional roles: Blogger, Photographer

Location: Spain