Credit: © Kelsa Photographie

About Kelsa

My photographic style is summed with words :  three colors, simplicity and softness.  

Born in 1996, Samantha Keller, better known as “Kelsa”, is a young freelance Swiss photographer. It was at the age of 18 that—self-taught—she began to take photographs on the theme of the couple and the family. What she likes is to capture moments of bonding and interaction.Surrounded by animals from a very young age (dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, parrots and horses), she also shoots pictures of animals at the same time, particularly targeting the equine field.In 2019, she specialized in animal photography and became passionated about local wildlife. She thus commenced macro photography (which gave her an enthusiasm for bees) and photojournalism. With a desire to impart knowledge about local fauna and by extension the environment, she writes articles on associations protecting local wild animals and has written a magazine under the title of “Wonder Fauna”. 

Professional roles: Journalist, Photographer, Teacher

Location: Switzerland