Clare Park

Clare Park

Credit: Clare Park by Matthew Tugwell

About Clare Park

Clare Park MA RCA is a London based portrait and fine art photographer. She explores photographic self-image through the use of symbol and metaphor, having begun developing this work through personal narratives of her own life journey and her reflections upon being a ballet dancer. The body, movement and the collaborative process with her subjects form the foundation to her work.Kit: Nikon 35mm film & digital/analogue cameras - Rolleiflex/Hassleblad/Gandolfi 5x4Her strong personal style is evident in the posters she devises for theatre companies, such as the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. A Gold Medal winner in the Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Exhibition 2010, she has won many awards and exhibited extensively. Her work is held in the National Portrait Gallery and the V&A RPS Collection. WEB: 

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United Kingdom



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