Ecaterina Leonte

Ecaterina Leonte

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About Ecaterina Leonte

I happened to make my appearance in communist Romania, the only child of parents who regarded food and freedom as luxury. Five years later, parents like mine started a revolution bearing their children in mind. I grew up feeling rich in a poor country, rich in the freedom my parents had fought for. This is probably the reason why I never took freedom lightly - freedom of thought and freedom to cross borders.I studied special psychopedagogy at the oldest university in Romania, and immediately after graduation I started to work as a psychologist for children & adults with special needs at the Child Protection Institution in Iași. At 26 I was struck by the sudden realization that life was unpredictably short and decided to stop waiting for the right moment to travel the world. In a week I had my bags packed and headed to Peru to fulfill a lifelong dream: visit Machu Picchu. I ended up living in Peru for following 10 years. 

I had photos (book cover & interior) published by:Sperling & Kupfer (Italy), Piper Verlag (Germany), ArsEdition (Germany), Giger Verlag (Switzerland), Peisa Ediciones (Peru), Gonvill (Mexico), Michael Edizioni (Italy).Lonely Planet guide to Colombia, 2015National Geographic “Destinations of a Lifetime”, 2015

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: Romania


2nd place

Wildlife in the Garden - Competition 15

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Macro Art - Competition-14

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