Daniel Callejo Rossi

Daniel Callejo Rossi

Credit: Daniel Callejo Rossi

About Daniel Callejo Rossi

Award winning nature photographer. Born in Argentina, I have been living in Bristol UK for the last 10 years, where I developed my passion for photography and I found my way as an artist. Photography complements perfectly two of the things I love the most, nature and art.When I photograph any creature the first thing I focus on is colour, then I try to position my subjects into the composition to create a visual story with all the elements working together.As much as the main focus, I pay attention to the background as well, because I think is equally important and it helps to create visual harmony.

Illustration degree.First place in Spring Colourhttps://www.photocrowd.com/photo-competitions/spring-colour-1-landscape-photo-contest-17402/overview/Second place in the Amateur Photographer of the Year 2023 in macro category.https://www.photocrowd.com/photo-competitions/macro-8-macro-photo-contest-17251/overview/ShortlistedBPA 2023https://www.britishphotographyawards.org/2023-shortlist/macro/gracefully-taking-over-the-fields./376f360a-914d-40f8-ae19-30b27e2e2e78CUPOTY 5https://www.cupoty.com/butterflies-dragonflies-shortlist-5BPA 2022https://www.britishphotographyawards.org/2022-shortlist/macro/re-emerging/9f611099-7309-46dd-a99c-d97e7b7cb9b1  

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United Kingdom


3rd place

Macro Art - Competition 17

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