Adele Mary Reed

Adele Mary Reed

Credit: Adele Mary Reed

About Adele Mary Reed

Photographer, video maker, mother and compost enthusiast. Extremely fond of analogue film. Usually found in the studio or wandering around urban and rural worlds looking at things in an inquisitive way.Born in 1988 in Rugby, UK, now based in Coventry in the West Midlands. I have been exploring photographic imagery, written word, collage, audio and video through diaristic practices from a very young age. I graduated with a First Class BA [Hons] in Photography from Coventry University in 2016 and have exhibited prints and moving image across the UK.I carefully collect and archive observations of the places I find myself in and in doing so seek to playfully highlight, maintain, introduce or restore the inconspicuous beauty within moments occurring during day-to-day life. I am committed to using analogue methodology with a deep passion for the materiality of film and video tape. I love plant-life, taking unplanned walks, elusive moods of stillness and balance, topographical and urban themes and since having a child, representations of mothers and maternal figures.

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Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United Kingdom