Chandler Barrett

Chandler Barrett

Credit: Taken by Lee Heartwell

About Chandler Barrett

Through the genre of still life, I work to create images of beauty with a sense of well-being. I find strength in the simplicity and calm of a piece well done and vitality in those portraying fecundity, fruitfulness, and even decay. I gather life subjects from from the local environment - orchards, fields, and my garden - to evoke a sense of basic goodness represented in the daily rituals and  simple pleasures of our lives. It is this that attracts me to the work.

As an art photographer, I have found still life to be the most challenging and rewarding genre. The selection and arrangement of objects into a compelling composition is the greatest challenge. While lighting, camera work and post-processing are technically challenging, these are skills more easily mastered than a successful arrangement of the shapes, forms, colors, lines and other elements.

I work to continue the living tradition of classical still life art through photography and to present works of beauty and originality. My compositions are captured in natural light with highlights enhanced through light-painting techniques. This same process is used in portraying flower and macro/abstract subjects.


I have been influenced in my technical training through my work with Harold Ross and artistically through my dear wife who is an accomplished painter. Whenever I have a conversation with her, I always come away with a deeper insight and appreciation of the art. With an intent to further develop the genre, I have also benefited from research and study of European and American classical still lifes.

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United States


1st place

Still Life - Competition 13

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Highly Commended

Still Life - Competition 12

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