Antonietta Baldassarre

Antonietta Baldassarre

About Antonietta Baldassarre

Nature photography is something that I do for myself , I like to shoot focusing only a small part of my subject because seeing everithing does not allow me to see the true beauty that is in the small things of nature. I always shoot with an inverted manual 28mm lens, at a focus of 2.8 (exept for more abstract photo where I shoot at f 8. ) and usualy it is impossible to do the same picture twice, every seconds change what you see and that is what I enjoy so much.

I am a photoreporter based in Rome, working over all on sport events, associated to the photojournalistic agency Insidefoto. I publish on Italian and foreigners magazines, daily newspapers and online medias. I am graduated to Political Science at Siena University, attended Master on Photojournalism at the Superior Institute of photography in Rome.

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: Italy