Alma Bibolotti

Alma Bibolotti

About Alma Bibolotti

I am a teacher and a self taught photographer. I was born in Bari where I graduated in Foreign languages and litterature. I moved to France where I've lived and worked for 6 years, between Paris and Nice. Photography plays a main role in my life: everything started many years ago, when I discovered the works of Man Ray, Mapplethorpe, Cartier Bresson, Weston, Imogen Cunningham and many others masters of the magic of light.Since then, taking pictures is an inner travel, my own way to deal with emotions. The outer space gives voice to my 'inner gaze', so that when I start shooting, I'm engaged with self-expression.Much of my work focuses upon the language of nature in all its expressions  as well as urban spaces and my relationship with landscape and natural world. I am inspired by encounters and it is my instinct which leads me to choose my subjects and helps me to tell a story. In all my images, I aim to render what I feel while shooting, rather than what I witness. I don’t look for beauty but I can say that shadows and lights become a mean to shape my own reality. 

Professional roles: None of the above

Location: Italy



Abstract Views - Competition 12

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