Floral Blue Delft Tiles

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Portfolio details - Floral Blue Delft Tiles

Photographer: Marlene Finlayson
Competition: Competition 16
Location: Knucklas, Powys, Wales, United Kingdom

Floral Blue Delft Tiles by Marlene Finlayson

During the 17th century, artisans in The Netherlands created a distinctive style of hand-painted, tin-glazed tiles – known as ‘Delft Blue’, that used shades of blue to depict floral, animal, landscape and other scenic motifs. In this portfolio I have used some of my floral photos to create images in a similar way and depict them as tiles (using my own tile frame).

The images were photographed against an illuminated white background, focus stacked, cut-out and converted to monochrome, and tinted with a cyan filter in post-processing. Specimens used include; Gaillardia, Lathryus, Lonicera, Papaver, Dicentra and Tulipa.


Finalist, Portfolio - Competition 16