Identification of Fruits, as a Farmer and Breeder

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Portfolio details - Identification of Fruits, as a Farmer and Breeder

Photographer: Masumi Shiohara
Competition: Competition 15
Location: Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Identification of Fruits, as a Farmer and Breeder by Masumi Shiohara

I am a fruit farmer in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. I grow grapes, pears, plums, peaches and apples, I am also a fruit breeder. I breed and cultivate dozens of varieties of fruits. When filing a plant patent application, I keep records to identify each of the varieties and to compare those with other similar varieties. A collection of these records is called a characteristic table.

My photographs become a form of botanical art, which is still highly regarded and continues as an art form. I create works based on the methods of classical scholars, whilst expressing the beauty of plants using modern, photographic technology and digital editing.

Fruit specimens photographed include; Malus pumila (unnamed hybrid selection/seedling of ‘Cripps Pink’), Pyrus communis 'Grand Champion', Vitis vinifera 'Pinot Noir', Vitis ‘Shawase’ (self-bred), Prunus salicina 'Shiho', and Prunus domestica 'Valor'.


Finalist, Portfolio - Competition 15