Beauty That Has Danced

3rd place - The Beauty of Plants

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Portfolio details - Beauty That Has Danced

Photographer: Annette Johnston
Competition: Competition 13
Location: Bethlehem, Tauranga, New Zealand

Beauty That Has Danced by Annette Johnston

This portfolio reflects some of the beauty that has ‘danced’ in my garden. Six dancing flowers; just blooming, in their prime, one or two faded and near spent. Each were selected for their subtle qualities; a petal astray, a curl, a curve - all individual soloists performing in the ballet of my garden.

The post-production was consistent across all, and designed so that the images perfectly balanced each other, but in a way that alludes to movement, even though they are frozen in time. Plants included; Echinacea, Cosmos, Gerbera, Dahlia and Paeonia.


3rd place, Portfolio - Competition 13

The Beauty of Plants


RPS Bronze Medal