Piena Terra

Finalist - Black & White

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Portfolio details - Piena Terra

Photographer: Davide Cassinari
Competition: Competition 13
Location: Studio, Paris, France

Piena Terra by Davide Cassinari

Piena terra’, is an agricultural term referring to the action of planting seeds directly into the soil (and not in a container). Every seed has a phenomenal potential to become a tree, to blossom and then to bear fruit. The inner power of the seed awaits only the right external conditions to bloom. Change is an inevitable part of life.

I positioned my lens as close as I could to their surface. At this scale, only a tiny plane is sharp enough - so I used the technique of focus stacking. I then discovered with wonder that these seeds are like micro planets, their surface is already full of life. Seeds/nuts included; avocado, walnut, hazelnut, and chestnut.


Finalist, Portfolio - Competition 13

Black & White