Competition 12 - Youth category

Youth category closed

This Youth category has finished for this year.


Young Garden Photographer of the Year

Rising star with a camera? Welcome to the exciting world of garden and plant photography!

The Young Garden Photographer of the Year category is aimed specifically at encouraging new talent and rising stars to the competition and to the genre of garden photography for those entrants aged 17 and under, with a heavily discounted entry fee.


Entrants to YGPOTY category should theme their images to one of the main adult IGPOTY category briefs.


Whether you’re just starting out, an experienced young photographer or a rising star, garden photography is a fantastic genre. You can base your entry on any of the category themes so there’s plenty of scope to try different techniques and skills, focusing on a wide variety of subject matter. Using the genre of garden photography, you can build a solid photographic foundation to form your own unique style.  Previous winners all showed an understanding of the fundamentals, kept it simple and most importantly, had fun.

Wider benefits

No matter what you do in life, it’s important to cultivate unique perspectives and engage with the world on a creative level. This competition will encourage you to look harder and more carefully at the natural world, gain confidence and skill in the field of photography and assist you in building the life skill of creative communication. Be the rising star of the genre, inspire others and kick-start a lifelong passion.

Prizes & Why should I enter?


First prize:

By entering this category your image stands a chance to win the YGPOTY title and a camera prize.

Please note - you cannot win this category prize and the overall IGPOTY adult prize.

Camera - make/model TBC

1 x prize copy of IGPOTY Book 12

Signed individual certificate

Your image goes on tour in the travelling exhibition!

Second prize:

1 x prize copy of IGPOTY Book 12

Signed individual certificate

Your image goes on tour in the travelling exhibition!

Third prize:

1 x prize copy of IGPOTY Book 12

Signed individual certificate

Your image goes on tour in the travelling exhibition!

Entry benefits

Exposure, international press coverage, one of the world's most prestigious photographic categories for young people and rising stars, opportunities for growth and feedback, become a stakeholder in conservation, cultivate your skills, launch your photographic career.


General rules:

  • You may not submit watermarked images with your name or website visible on the photo. Please do not frame your images with borders.
  • Entrants may submit a maximum of 4 images per single entry token and a maximum of 6 images per portfolio entry token.
  • For free-to-enter competitions you should enter 1 image per token given, up to a maximum of 8 images (8 tokens).
  • Entrants' images must be .jpg or .jpeg format and of high enough quality.
  • We recommend all images are output to 1920px on their longest side at 72 ppi (ideally with an sRGB colour profile). Any larger than this and you are supplying images bigger than they will be seen or used by IGPOTY judges; your files will take longer to upload and/or download to judges and viewers’ screens.
  • The absolute maximum for each image must not be more than 7MB in file size and no more than 3000px on their longest side.
  • All entrants must be able to supply a high-res image (300 ppi) suitable for printing/exhibiting should the image be shortlisted. You may be asked for this when the time comes.


  • High-res source file/s need to be at least 3780 pixels (longest side) @ 300 ppi, ideally larger (and ideally with an Adobe RGB (1998) colour profile).

Full competition rules:

Please see the IGPOTY competition rules, which always prevail:

Category rules:

Only individuals aged 17 and under may enter YGPOTY. Please ask permission from a parent or guardian before entering. YGPOTY entrants cannot win the overall IGPOTY prize.

Please see IGPOTY competition rules.

Competition details

Young Garden Photographer of the Year
Youth category
Online submissions
Entry start date:
February 20, 2018
Closing date:
October 31, 2018, 12 noon GMT
Cost of entry:
£5 (Single Entry Slots x 4)

How do I enter?

Please purchase Single/Portfolio slots using the cart buttons above.

For help please visit our Frequently-Asked-Questions page: https://igpoty.com/igpoty-faqs/

For help please visit our Frequently-Asked-Questions page.

Background image

Credit: © Jake Kneale