How do I enter?

Click on the ENTER NOW menu link. If you need help in working out what to do, read the Help page.

When is the deadline?

31st October at midnight GMT. The Photo Project categories have earlier deadlines. Take a look at the competition pages for further details.

Once I have paid for my entry can I upload my photographs later on?

Yes, if you are not entering the Photo Project categories you can pay your entry fees and then you can upload your photographs at any time from: 20th February up to 31st October - midnight GMT.

I have previously entered an IGPOTY competition and now I would like to enter the current one. Do I have to register again?

Please attempt to use your existing login with the details you used before. If any of your details have changed - your e-mail address for example - you can change this by logging in with your old details as normal, then update them within 'My Account'.

Is my payment safe on your site?

We do not record nor store any financial information from you, all we are given is a unique ID number for each transaction from PayPal (secure) payment provider. We have no more details than that. All of the transaction details are held by the PayPal system or your credit card company. Refer to PayPal for details of the security offered by their site.

I don't like to make payments on the internet- can I phone my details through?

Sorry, we don't have the resources to take payments by phone.

The system has not accepted my registration details. What shall I do?

Make sure you have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Check your browser 'help' or search the web for 'enable JavaScript' to find out how to do this. If you still have problems, please contact us.

I have changed address/phone number/e-mail address

Please update these details once you have logged in with your old details. Click 'My Account' make your amendments and then press Save.

The competition

How should I prepare my pictures?

Go to the Help page to find out about this.

Can I enter the same photographs as part of a portfolio and also as a single image?

Yes you can. But you will need to purchase an entry for both the portfolio and the single image. Portfolio photos will only be judged as part of a set of six. They will not be transferred between categories.

Can I enter the same photograph or portfolio into multiple categories in the competition?

Yes you may, however Judges cannot award the same image(s) twice (with the exception of the overall winner). If Judges feel an image would be better suited in a different category to the one originally chosen then they are able to reassign categories (only at the Judging stage).

Do I need a professional DSLR/SLR camera to enter?

Not at all, we recommend that you use the highest quality camera available to you. In this way, you will have greater flexibility over your photographs. If you are chosen as a finalist for the exhibition, you will be asked to supply a digital file of at least A4 paper size (or 8.27 × 11.69 inches) or greater. See also the Help page.

Can I manipulate my photograph(s) in Adobe Photoshop™ or similar photo software?

Yes, basic image management is encouraged. Advanced techniques/filters are allowed but must be declared when uploading the photograph(s).

Do I have to enter photographs captured in this year?

No, the competition year is purely a marker of how long the competition has been running and is not reflective of date entry requirements (please see below) unless specified in the category guide information.

Does it matter when I captured the photograph I want to enter?

No, providing that the quality is there and the minimum size (see above) is met there are no date restrictions unless specified in the category guide information.

Do I have to be a professional photographer?

The competition is open to all - amateurs, enthusiasts, semi-pro and professionals.

Do I have to live in the United Kingdom to enter?

No, you can enter your images from anywhere in the world - this is an international competition.

Do I need to know the names of the flowers I photograph?

No. The judges will be looking for artistic and photographic skill, a correct name will be a welcome bonus.

Can I add text to my photograph(s)?

No, especially not descriptive scientific names please use the caption/description fields. However an exception to this would be the use of words in an artistic way in a stylised font which adds something to the overall image rather than just describing it.

Will your organisation assume copyright over my pictures?

No, all photographers who enter retain their copyright/moral rights. The organisers are all working photographers. We respect copyright. If you enter a photograph, you agree to allow us to do things with it such as keep it on our server for judging and (for awarded images only) - produce prints for IGPOTY exhibitions, and inclusion in our annual printed book.

All unused photographs will be deleted from our server at the end of the judging. Those shortlisted for the Final may be contacted and invited to enter into a more comprehensive optional agreement with the organisers, one which we have designed to be of mutual benefit.

For more information please see competition Rules.

When will I hear whether I’ve won?

About two to three months after the competition closes.

If I am a finalist and my work is displayed in an IGPOTY exhibition, will I have to pay for my exhibition prints?

No, exhibiting the prints is part of the prize.

What happens if my photograph wins another competition after I have entered it - will it be disqualified?

If a picture has already won another competition then it cannot win this one. If your photograph wins/is highly awarded in a competition in the interval between the end of the competition and the winner announcements, then that photograph would be disqualified also.

I uploaded the wrong images/captions to my entries when I submitted them, how do I add them now?

1. Make sure you are logged in to the site

2. Then go to: My Entries

3. At the top of this page are photo entries, click the 'View entry' button next to each entry you want to change.

4. At the bottom right of the entry pages there is a button 'Edit this photo' - click it.

5. Now you will be able to amend the image, caption and other info, be sure to click the 'UPDATE MY ENTRY' button to save changes

Please note that you may only make the above edits up to 24 hours before the competition deadline.


Do I require a PayPal™ account to checkout or can I pay by credit/debit card?

Please login to your PayPal™ account (when prompted) if you have one. PayPal™ also allows you to pay by credit or debit card without logging into their system. For more information, see Help.