Square Crop Snap Competition-Competition 11 – Results

Square Crop Snap Competition

Competition 11 - Photo challenge

Photo challenge closed

This Photo challenge is closed for entries.

About Square Crop Snap Competition

It's the first ever IGPOTY Snap Competition! It's a photography challenge with a specific theme and it's free to enter. The theme of this Snap Competition is 'Square Crop'. Judges will be looking for beautiful botanical subjects perfectly suited to a square crop.

Snap Competitions have a lead time of one week so get images to us as soon as you can!

Prizes & Why should I enter?

Winners of this Square Crop Snap Competition not only get great exposure but will receive brilliant prizes from our print partner, One Vision Imaging.


First prize:

20x20" framed print of your image from One Vision Imaging
Exposure from IGPOTY

Second prize:

16x16" framed print of your image from One Vision Imaging
Exposure from IGPOTY

Third prize:

16x16" framed print of your image from One Vision Imaging
Exposure from IGPOTY


General rules:

  • You may NOT submit watermarked images with your name or website visible on the photo. Please DO NOT frame your images with borders.
  • Entrants may submit a maximum of 8 square images.
  • Entrants' images must be .jpg or .jpeg format and of high enough quality (at least 1920px) on each side.
  • We recommend all images are output to 1920px on each side at 72 ppi. Any larger than this and you are supplying images bigger than they will be seen or used by IGPOTY judges; your files will take longer to upload and/or download to judges and viewers’ screens.
  • Each image must not be more than 7MB in file size and no more than 3000px on each side.
  • All entrants must be able to supply a high-res image (300dpi) suitable for printing/exhibiting should the image be shortlisted. You may be asked for this when the time comes. We can help you with this if need be.
  • N.B.
  • High-res need to be at least 3780 pixels @ 300ppi, ideally larger.

Competition rules:

Please see the IGPOTY competition rules.

Category rules:

Only square crop picture ratios of; 1:1 and 4:3 are eligible for entry.

Competition details

Photo challenge
Online submissions
Entry start date:
July 7, 2017
Closing date:
July 14, 2017, 12 noon GMT
Cost of entry:

How do I enter?

Please purchase Single/Portfolio slots using the cart buttons above. Unless for certain snap competitions the entry price is FREE in which case please claim your free entries as indicated.

For help please visit our Frequently-Asked-Questions page:

For help please visit our Frequently-Asked-Questions page.

Partner: One Vision Imaging

Print Partner.

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Credit: © Linda Duncalf