Baobab Road

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Baobab Road by John Seager

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Photographer: John Seager
Competition: Competition 17
Category: Trees, Woods & Forests
Location: Allée des Baobabs, Morondava, Madagascar


There is possibly no better place on the planet for seeing baobab trees (Adansonia sp.) than Madagascar. I love their unmistakeable shapes, standing tall and proud across the parched landscape.

I took this image at a site that has become known as the Allée des Baobabs, probably the best location of all for viewing these incredible trees. I had been there the evening before to plan the shoot, and returned the following morning well before sunrise. The clear, starry sky with the first light of the sun appearing over the horizon, created an unforgettable atmosphere in which to compose the striking outlines of the majestic baobabs lining the road.


Finalist - Trees, Woods & Forests