Lake Guardian

Captured at Kew
Lake Guardian by James Yates

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Photographer: James Yates (see profile)
Competition: Competition 17
Category: Captured at Kew
Location: Kew Gardens, London, England, United Kingdom


Kew Gardens is extremely well known for its botanical collection, but a visit to the Gardens in west London will likely result in a wealth of wildlife viewings, alongside all the flora. One of the most commonly seen animals, especially around the main lake area, is the grey heron. These long-legged wading birds are often seen stood in the shallows, waiting for unsuspecting prey such as fish, frogs or ducks to swim past.

The lake itself receives some of its water directly from the nearby River Thames through a drainage system situated at the far end. This old, iron-like structure, has become a favourite resting spot for the lake’s grey herons, seen perched here on a bright winter's morning. The shot displays the uniqueness of Kew Gardens; a place where historic architecture and the natural world seamlessly co-exist.


Finalist - Captured at Kew