Pandanus heterocarpus

Captured at Kew
Pandanus heterocarpus by Tracy Hallett

Image details - Pandanus heterocarpus

Photographer: Tracy Hallett
Competition: Competition-14
Category: Captured at Kew
Location: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, England, United Kingdom


Pandanus heterocarpus (Rodrigues screwpine) is a palm-like plant endemic to the island of Rodrigues, east of and belonging to Mauritius.

It had just started to rain so I headed into the Palm House to stay warm and dry. I spotted this beautiful specimen close to the door, and was instantly attracted by the graphic lines. It took a while to line everything up, but I eventually obtained the sense of movement and dynamism I was after. There is no end of subject matter at Kew, but I find it helps to find one plant and then spend time exploring every angle before moving on.


Commended - Captured at Kew