Raising the Profile

Raising the Profile

New public profiles and why you should have one

Photography by Andy Small

Raising the Profile

Here at IGPOTY we have a competition vision that encourages everyone to creatively engage with nature. If we’re saying we believe everyone has the ability to be involved then everyone needs their own individual space to track their journey, publicise their achievements and expose their work to the wider world.

That’s why we’ve just launched updated public profiles. For winners, you will see your awards (we’re working on importing more historic competition data) and links to your winning images.

Even if you’re not an IGPOTY winner there’s loads of reasons to create a public profile or update an existing one.

It’s a public way to say you’ve joined the IGPOTY community, announce your presence as a garden/nature photographer and reinforce an existing career through the IGPOTY audience.

If you have your own website and social presence it’s the perfect opportunity to increase your SEO and backlinks. You’ll also be ready for any media/public searches if you’re placed in any competitions.

You’ll also have a searchable index of public profiles where you can find photographers just like you. We also feature recently completed profiles on the homepage to really amplify you and your work. This means more public exposure and another unique reason to take part in this competition.

In order to take advantage of these benefits you’ll have to make your profile public and ensure all public data is filled out in full (sensitive information like telephone number, email address and home address will never be shown). You can even change the background image to further personalise the IGPOTY experience.

Be ready for the end of this competition year and turn up your exposure to maximum.

Head to your dashboard to edit your profile then enter Competition 11 before October 31!