Sophie Coe

Sophie Coe

Credit: Sophie Coe

About Sophie Coe

Sophie was born in the UK and studied fine art and architecture. After many years working as an architect in Asia and Australia she settled in London. Fine art was a passion that ultimately grew to dominate her time and she's now working as a full time artist. 'I find inspiration almost anywhere but particularly in nature. Whether it’s the power of the sea, the wind through a grove of bamboo, sunlight through a canopy, the detail and structure of a leaf, shadows or reflections dancing on a wall... There's so much beauty around us, both the big views and the details, I’m in awe of it. I try to capture the mood, the wonder, the feeling of being there, the elements perhaps less visible with a passing glance.' Sophie works with various drawing, painting, printmaking and photography (cyanotype) techniques to create images largely inspired by nature. There's an immediacy and energy to her work which itself exudes a simple calmness and beauty. The cyanotypes are made in her garden in Twickenham, when the weather allows. 

The Slade, Summer Foundation in Fine Art. 2007Oxford Brookes University, Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture, 1995Oxford Brookes University, Bachelor of Arts (Architecture), 1992Bournemouth College of Art, Diploma in Art & Design, 1988Sophie has been widely exhibited and her artwork is held in both private collections and commercial interiors worldwide.

Professional roles: None of the above

Location: United Kingdom