Sławomir Pietrzykowski

Sławomir Pietrzykowski

About Sławomir Pietrzykowski

I am an amateur photographer. At the request of a friend, I began to share my work on social media and share them with friends. In my works I search for paintings related to the heritage of painting. I try my hand at both nature and portrait photography. I use a Nikon D5300 camera and several lenses including Nikkor micro 40mm, Tamron 150-600mm and several other old lenses on the M42. I take photos mainly in Poland in my area, sometimes on holiday trips, for example in Italy or Slovakia. In my works I am looking for plasticity of a picture and a personal style.

I gain experience in nature photography in practice and from information found on the Internet.In 2018, the Mathematics in Lens competition, organized by the University of Szczecin, my photo entitled Parametric Curve was nominated for a calendar.In 2019, my photo entitled On the educational path was nominated as part of the competition for publication in the album, Nature of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.In 2019, my photo was has been highlighted in the Polish portrait 2019 competition.

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: Poland