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sandra keating

About sandra keating

I am an environmental artist and location-based photographer; the two fit hand-in-hand and my style is capturing moments and being in the moment. Garden photography allows me the space to see the beauty of nature up close and personal. I also study environmental art therapy, visit and spend time in a lot of green spaces. I live in a concrete jungle and since 2015 have taken my nature photography to a professional level. 

An emerging London based artist and award-winning documentary photographer interested in people and environments, producing works that are a social commentary on the world we live in. Sandra's reportage side plays on an aesthetic that sees her visual metaphors and engaging photo stories candidly or poetically capture, comment or play on our everyday. Sandra's strength is seeing things differently and capturing beauty in the unexpected. Sandra loves to work on people, art and nature-led projects that align with her interests in ecopsychology and nature-reconnection in urban environments. This is evident in her recent project endeavours documenting community gardens and urban green spaces around the U.K. Her most recent photography achievements were winning British Humanist Photographer of the year award in 2015 on the theme of Happiness and having work from The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden featured in the National Press including The Guardian and Evening Standard in 2017.

Professional roles: Photographer, Picture Editor


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