Roberto ruiz jubete

Roberto ruiz jubete

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About Roberto ruiz jubete

My name is Roberto Ruiz, and I was born on December 15, 1981 ...My photo studio is located at Calle Emperador Bajo number 12 Laredo Cantabria (Spain) ...In search of the perfect image, I always try to make my images cause a feeling in the people who see them, therein lies the magic of photography ...I do a little of several styles of photography.As social, nature, sport.I have a professional Nikon team, photographic and lighting.For the photographs presented the target is a Nikon 105 vr f / 2.8

Since 2009 making weddings, reports to newborns, communions, baptisms, as well as creative books for different fields, Photography and Video.Contributor photographer for Radio Costa Esmeralda 89.7 FM.Collaborating photographer of the municipality of Laredo for the website, annual calendar and the tourism stands Cantabria.Event Photographer Master Class by Brockmans in Santander.Photographer for the Pink and Co store chain, Aire Retro, for both clothing catalogs, outfits and web construction.Fashion, book reports for agencies, shops and individuals.I have done annually the borders of different educational centers in the eastern area as well as I have covered different cultural events.I have covered sports events like the popular races of Laredo, downhill in goitiveras, Triathlon Villa de Laredo, falconry, surf, voleyball, horse races, Christmas Festival, soccer ... etc ...Exhibitions of different themes, in the eastern area of ​​Cantabria ..I am giving 3 Photography Workshops a Year at the Casa de Cultura de Laredo, both Initiation and Advanced ...Sale of photos, landscape themed.I work for surf schools and professionals.I have realized all type of Impressions, paintings, canvases, great impressions, for Restuarantes, cafeterias and particulars ...Jury of several Renown Photography Contest

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: Spain