Oli Ullmann

Oli Ullmann

About Oli Ullmann

I consider my work to be a co-creative communion with plants and flowers. My process is heart centered: I enter a meditative state, ask the plant to reveal itself and its subtle frequencies…and only then do I gently press the shutter-release button. Each plant holds its own energetic signature, characteristics, wisdom and spiritual purpose, and participates in planetary evolution in its own unique way - much like each of us do.

My fascination with the world around me eventually led to formal studies in visual art and design. After finishing a Masters degree in Art (Prague, Helsinki) came a transformational period in my life, which led to an awakening. My senses opened up: suddenly, I was able to perceive a wider spectrum of colours, and hear the vibrations of nature's energy matrix.  As my meditations deepened, I learned that I was able to communicate with this living library, and began receiving transmissions of holographic sounds. These new experiences inevitably led me to combine visual art with extensive studies in subtle energies and meditation. 

Professional roles: - None of the above

Location: Canada


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