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Nicholas Moran

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I am a film photography enthusiast.My favorite format and camera currently is an Olympus Pen F(1963).The camera is a 'half frame' camera and each negative is just 18x24 mm ,half that of the familiar 35mm roll.A normal roll of 36 images when used in the 'Pen f' is doubled to 76 images per roll.I find myself using it usually quite close up to the subject,often these subjects are just unassuming hedgerows which I like looking into for attractive shapes,contrasts & textures under nice light.I develop all films at home and use a method called 'stand development' which is a slower method of developing black and white film (primarily Ilford HP5).Stand development I find gives more grain and a broader range of tones.I like photographing the natural world as it seems half way between a still life and a life study.The best of both worlds.

Professional roles: - None of the above

Location: Ireland


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