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Matt Garbutt

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I'm your average metaphysical bloke (2 kids, wife, mortgage) who likes to go and meditate with my camera in nature at the weekends, or whenever else possible.Passionate about the ecology and the natural world, always wanting to do more to help the planet, and it's never ever enough. That could be me trying to balance my karma from the mega global corporations that take up my day to day ad agency work I guess, or the fact that I know my kids will have to inherit this generation's mess, or both.I find that photography gives me an escape from the nonsense of the week, calms me down and helps me be at one with nature. I love taking the pictures, making them and being involved in the photographic community.

I've been a creative industry pro all my career. After having graduated from a graphic design degree, I started out as a web designer in East Anglia, working at a few agencies and moving up the ladder. Then I moved to London in 2005 and worked as an inhouse art director in several companies. After a stint freelancing I set up a digital agency and then a creative production company, both of which keep me busy to this day.

Professional roles: Art Director

Location: United Kingdom