Marta Fiscus

Marta Fiscus

Credit: Steven Fiscus

About Marta Fiscus

Over the past several years I have developed a growing garden which attracts woodland creatures large and small as well as a wide array of native (and invasive) insects. My approach to these surroundings centers around capturing what is easily overlooked and doing so in such a way that the uniqueness and character of each moment is felt. Gardens can be planned to various degrees, but it’s the unpredictable, surprising, quiet events happening at any given time that inspire my photographic focus. My macro approach to tiny elements of the garden begins with understanding the developmental phases and behavioral patterns of each species along with having a keen sensitivity to the ever-shifting sunlight and breeze. All my equipment is handheld, so establishing a mindful stillness within myself is key. When all these elements intersect, I capture my favorite images and my photography practice becomes a soulful experience. My garden has four distinct seasons so when the insects of summer leave for warmer places, my attention migrates to other local flora and fauna.

Growing up in the mountains of Western Maryland, Marta learned about native wildlife habitats and photography from her father. She studied psychology and music at Kenyon College, then moved to New York City to work in theatre before returning to her hometown, where she went back to school for a visual arts and teaching degree. For ten years, she lived on a small farm tending gardens and taking care of animals with her family along with teaching performing and visual arts to all ages. Since then, she has developed a portfolio that centers on creating a sense of place. She often describes her insect photographs as portraits and talks with her insect visitors as they pass through. Marta knows which creatures arrive at specific weeks of the year, and how to attract them. Her work has been selected by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for their 2022 Calendar and image bank, was a featured artist in a regional Emerging Photographer Exhibition, and has received honorable mentions in the Allegany National Photography Competition. She's worked on several public art projects with her husband, Steven, and together designed and built a home where they live with their two sons, one dog, three cats, a chicken, and a yard full of wildlife.

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United States



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