Marjoleine Brons

Marjoleine Brons

Credit: ©marjoleinebronsfotografie

About Marjoleine Brons

As a photographer I'm quite dual; I like complex commercial projects which involve models or making explainer video's. On the other hand I seek the peace and quite of my studio and go back to my roots. I'm also a florist. My passion is nature. I find my peace there, can relax during a walk though the woods and really clear my head. The great thing about nature that she only gives, never asks. I photograph my flowers with a Hasselblad H4d-50. The details and color are spectacular and because I use light painting as a technique I'm able to make every portrait in a single shot. Never stacking or using photoshop to make it work. That's real photography to me, being able to make a great shot and only use photoshop for small retouching. 

I studied Photography at the School of Arts and Visual communications in Utrecht. Graduated in 1999 and completely analogue trained I had to master digital photography myself. That's what I did and now I'm a professional commercial and portrait photographer. I work for advertising companies as well as directly for clients. BAM, ABNAmro bank, Ricoh and Albert Heijn and many others are my clients. 

Professional roles: Photographer