Marina Chrysou

Marina Chrysou

About Marina Chrysou

Photography has been a creative passion since my teens. I enjoy the endless creativity of digital photography, which helps me connect with the natural world. I delight in capturing the ephemeral beauty of flowers, the fascinating world of fungi, the constant transformation of nature. I also enjoy travel, landscape and architectural photography. I use Fujifilm and Nikon cameras, with Sigma and Nikon lenses.

Awards: IGPOTY - Competition 12, 14, 15, International Photography Awards 2018, 2019, 2020, Mobile Photo Awards 2018, Wild Photo Awards 2023 (April).

Professional roles: None of the above

Location: United Kingdom




Black & White - Competition 15

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Highly Commended

Captured at Kew - Competition-14

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Captured at Kew - Competition 12

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