Katarzyna Załużna

Katarzyna Załużna

About Katarzyna Załużna

My name is Katarzyna Załużna. I am an amateur photographer. Passionate about photography since ten years. I love to photograph portrait, my children, snails and floral motifs in the sunlight.I shoot mostly manual lens old Pentacon, Helios. Panagor. My photographs are a reflection of your emotional state and spiritual.Photography is not only my passion, but a way of expressing yourself.

I live in Poland (Rumia). I was born in 1977 on June 15. Even as a child I loved to paint, draw and do manual artwork. Currently, I am a mother of three children. They often inspire me to create. My children open me to look deeper into myself. I often personify my motifs in photos, infantilizing their perception. It is a part of me and will remain in me forever.

Professional roles: Author, Photographer

Location: Poland



Wildlife in the Garden - Competition 17

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Highly Commended

The Beauty of Plants - Competition 17

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