Justyna Tarnacka

Justyna Tarnacka

Credit: Photography Passion JT

About Justyna Tarnacka

Photography is not only about capturing moments in the frame. For me, photography is a way of looking at the world and showing others that the immediate area is beautiful. That beauty can be seen not only in what we like, but also beauty can be brought out from not nice things. My interest is what I have access to ... that is my town, meadows, hills, gardens and parks. And I love architecture and nature the most - I show how they live in symbiosis. Although photography has been my passion for 10 years, I use new techniques to be able to express my perception of the world even more creatively. I love noble photography techniques, I also have an analogue camera for 35 mm film. But this is probably nothing new for real photographers.

I am the author of three individual and collective photographic exhibitions. In 2021, I published a photo book "Four seasons in Dunstable" showing photos of the town and its surroundings, taken during the Covid pandemic.

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United Kingdom