Jelieta Walinski

Jelieta Walinski

About Jelieta Walinski

I was born in the hinterland of the Philippines. A farmers daughter. My mother does not have any schooling because my grandfather died when they were young and my grandmother was not able to send my mother in school due to poverty.  We were 11 siblings and only me finish a Bachelor's degree. I love photography since when I was young. Inspired with all the photos of calendars, newspapers, and books that I cut and collected. Every night, before I sleep I said to myself that someday I will be able to capture photos like my collections. I don't have camera back then because it was to expensive to buy but I see to it that I can browse my collection before I sleep and have all those in my dream. In my struggle to work hard as working student I was able to finish my schooling. Then I bought my first point and shoot camera when I was having a job as a teacher. Inspired by my husband I was engaged in photography way back 2011 and until now. My husband James Walinski is my great buddy and of course my companion when we explore the wilderness, other places, hunt for wildlife and taking photos of unconventional scene.  

I have been published in books, magazine, and newspaper, calendars, and in worldwide web.My first sunrise photo was published in Canon Europe website. My photos have won local, national, and international awards.I had my first fundraising photo exhibit in the place where I was born in the Philippines for the benefit of Indigenous children for their schooling.

Professional roles: Photographer, Student, Teacher

Location: United States