Geoff Scott Simpson

Geoff Scott Simpson

Credit: Bethan Lord

About Geoff Scott Simpson

All humans have inherent talents; for a time I hoped that mine was painting and my fascination with nature provided me with an abundance of material. However, my brushstrokes never animated my canvases the way my artistic heroes could, which saddened me because I was delirious with the beauty around me and I needed to capture my muse. There was another way to stand on the shoulders of those creative giants, who were as inflamed with nature as I am: fortunately, I was born in the age of photography and more wonderfully into the era of both film and digital capture - each with tremendous artistic and technological benefits.Finally, with my camera I could harness the dancing light, bring the majestic horizons back with me, and reproduce nature's secret wonderments. All this though is only half of the joy of my work; no artist wants their creations to stay hidden, and by means of my gallery I can share my 21st-century masterpieces with others whose spirits are uplifted by nature's formidable beauty as mine are.

Professional photographer Scott Simpson Fine Art is the only photography gallery in Spain, possibly in all of southern-Europe producing world-class luxury finishes in glass-acrylic, metallic, and museum-quality paper products. It works with the world’s market leader in these mediums. Additionally, Geoff Scott Simpson is a top-tier photographer who works with globally-recognised brands. His idiosyncratic oeuvre captures the extraordinary moments in time that only a top professional visual artist can capture; such capability resonates with his discerning audience. 

Professional roles: Curator, Lecturer, Photographer, Teacher, Videographer

Location: Spain


1st place

European Garden Photography Award - Competition 12

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