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David Jacobs

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I try as much as possible to use existing light even when covering commercial events, such as conferences or Private parties.I have been using Canon 6D's for about 6 years and my favourite lens is the ' simple ' Canon 50mm f1.8.This is one of Canon's most inexpensive lenses but I find it superb ! 

I have been a Photographer since leaving school at 15.Unheard of these days but joining a Leading London studio, assisting the smooth running, from processing 5x4 sheet film, sweeping the floor and making deliveries ,taught me far more than school ever did ! I also ran a succesful Printing store in London for over 40 years, where we had a small studio for Linkedin and Publicity Portraiture

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United Kingdom


2nd place

Greening the City - Competition-14

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Wildflower Landscapes - Competition 13

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