Beth Nicholls

Beth Nicholls

Credit: Beth Nicholls

About Beth Nicholls

My style of photography is very vibrant and clear, I like to capture images of anything and everything that interests me and catches my eye. I especially enjoy shooting photos of close friends, pets, and family, and showing them a different perspective of themselves, and the way that I see them. My favourite genre of photography at the moment would be cosplay photography, as it's amazing having the chance to bring a character to life in such a creative and collaborative way through photography.  

Since 2012, my photography has developed into a personal and profound practice with a diversified portfolio that I’m incredibly proud of. I first started taking photographs using a Fujifilm bridge camera at a young age (12) and began shooting local gigs around the Bristol music scene at the age of 14, sneaking my camera into venues hidden under my jumper on many occasions.After studying both A-level and Level 3 UAL photography at college, my love of photographing musicians and the alternative music scene prompted me to move to Brighton and study at BIMM to obtain my BA (Hons) degree in Music Journalism. I began studying for my MA Photography degree a year later with the hopes of taking my work to the next level and graduated in 2022.Since graduating from University, I now work as a journalist contributing online to a major photography publication, I absolutely love my job and using our global platform to promote important stories and key photographers.

Professional roles: Journalist, Photographer

Location: United Kingdom