Ann Petruckevitch

Ann Petruckevitch

Credit: jane woodrow

About Ann Petruckevitch

I am an amateur photographer living in the seaside town of Brighton, in the UK. My photographic interests are varied; I like to explore image interpretation by using a variety of techniques such as analogue alternative photographic processes as well as using digital media. This stems from challenging oneself technically to create unedited images that attempt to capture the depth, shape and visual impact of the proposed subject matter by presenting it on media that enables an organic type of exploration. It is very much an evolving process, encouraging me to closely examine the living and abstract world and then form images that explore the spontaneous nature that subtly exists all around us.Presently, my work is very much explorative of the relationships that exist pictorially between plant life and the different base materials used to display them, such as photographic paper, cloth, stone and digital media. When I’m working with analogue processes I create unique one of a kind lumen prints which do not require the use of a darkroom; I also work with photographic emulsions to create unique images on a variety of watercolour paper and stone such as Slate, Marble and Portland. When using light sensitive liquid emulsion to print images it allows much greater diversity enabling the exploration of a number of surface media like paper, cloth and stone.I work by using a variety of plant cuttings on different types of black and white, and colour, photographic paper secured by a plain glass plate. Each paper type has its own features and sensitivity to light. The interaction between the sun, surrounding temperature, the plant’s moisture structure, and chemistry, among other factors, and the duration of exposure contribute to create a variety of shapes, colours and floral forms. It surprises many that black and white photographic paper can produce such an array of unspecified colours. They are naturally developed with the sun and chemically fixed to ensure the distinct colours obtained are archival maintained.When using a digital camera I try to explore the deeper effect of what is created by the image going beyond just taking a photograph. I attempt to explore the fine lines of wear and tear, the internal movement of colour across a plant, how the shadows conceal or accentuate the shapes and forms, examining plant life in a more abstract emotional manner.At the moment, I tend to work on reasonably small scale pieces that explore either the solo image left by one plant or a collection of many plants to form a colourful photographic collage of emotional interpretation, using the language of flowers ‘floriography’ to convey the beauty or solitude of the subject matter.The whole process is dependent on many unquantifiable factors and I am greatly influenced by the unknowingness of what I do.My aims are simply to explore and define the natural photographic potential of plant life beyond what we usually see in our everyday lives by viewing the landscape around us and trying to represent their contrary seasonality by the diverse colours that emerge and the emotional impact produced by their unusual settings.

EducationSeptember 2009 – June 2010       Diploma in photography, Brighton city college                                                                    (part-time)Grade obtained                                MeritSeptember 2010 – June 2011       Diploma in art and design (photography), The                                                                    Arts University, Bournemouth (full-time)Grade obtained                                DistinctionExhibition work                               February 2014                                  Urmson-Burnett Gallery, Salisbury                                                            March 2014                                       Silverprint Gallery May 2014                                           Photography Festival, Bristol Town Hall                                                            September 2014                               Analogue Festival, Bargehouse Gallery, OXO                                                                      Tower May 2015                                           Poet’s Corner Garden Studio, Artist Open House,                                                               Brighton Festival July 2015                                           Coachwerks Community Arts Project July 2015                                           Leyden Gallery, Emerging artists platform October 2015                                    Shutter Hub Exhibition, Salt and Pegram, Do                                                                     you like love? October 2015                                    Rich Mix Gallery, Photomonth East London                                                                       Photography Festival November 2015                                Claremont Guest House, Artist Open House March 2016                                       Light, Space and Time Online Art Gallery,                                                                           Abstract Art Exhibition, special recognition May 2016                                           Light, Space and Time Online Art Gallery,                                                                           Botanicals Art Exhibition, special recognition July 2016                                           South Downs Heritage Gallery – ‘Up the downs’                                                                 group exhibition October 2016                                    Rich Mix Gallery, Photomonth East London                                                                       Photography Festival April 2017                                          Candid Arts Trust, the Abstract Show June 2017                                         Candid Arts Trust, Salon de refuses August 2017                                     Light, Space and Time Online Art Gallery, Open                                                               Art Exhibition, special recognition August 2017                                     International Photography awards, One shot                                                                     Harmony – Nature, honourable mention September 2017                               Menier Gallery, the Artists Pool, Illusions                                                                            Exhibition November 2017                                Monochrome photography awards, photo-                                                                           manipulation category, honourable mention January 2018                                   Shutter Hub, Shutter Hub blog, Borders September 2018                               International Garden Photographer of the year                                                                   project – ‘Still Life’, shortlisted October 2018                                    Shutter Hub, St Bride Foundation, Out of the                                                                     Ordinary October 2018                                    Espacio Gallery, Photomonth East London                                                                         Photography Festival, the Artists Pool, F-Stop October 2018                                    the Printspace Gallery, Photomonth East                                                                             London Photography Festival, Women in the                                                                     21st Century November 2018                                Monochrome photography awards, abstract                                                                       category, honourable mention April 2019                                          13th Julia Margaret Cameron awards, alternative                                                               processes single image category, winner April 2019                                          13th Julia Margaret Cameron awards, cell phone                                                                single image category, honourable mention June 2019                                         13th Pollux awards, still life single image                                                                              category, winner   June 2019                                         13th Pollux awards, abstract single image                                                                            category, honourable mention June 2019                                         13th Pollux awards, digital manipulation and                                                                      collage single image category, honourable                                                                           mention June 2019                                         13th Pollux awards, documentary and reportage                                                                series category, honourable mention July 2019                                           Shutter Hub, Festival Pils’Ours, Time to Think

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: United Kingdom


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