Anja Vogel

Anja Vogel

About Anja Vogel

Hi there! I am a German black and white fine art photographer focusing on macro, flora and still life. Photography is meditation to me. Getting lost in the moment. When I choose a subject, I enjoy to take a lot of time to explore its beauty. My aim is to capture the essence of the feeling I have while looking at all the wonderful details nature reveals. I like to get close and cherish what is not readily visible for the naked eye. When it comes to still lifes, I like to transport a feeling I have using minimalistic concepts.  Beauty is everywhere. Sometimes in the most ordinary things that souround us. My minimalistic approach in black and white eliminates the distractions that prevented me from truly seeing this.  Don't be a stranger. I like to get in touch! Just reach out to me on Instagram.  All my love!  Anja

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: Germany

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