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Abril M Barruecos

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During my childhood there were two constants in my life:Firstly, the continuous upheaval of moving back and forth from oneplace to another, Mexico to Costa Rica and from one city to another.Secondly, a familiarity for an old book of Life Magazine’s BestPhotographs, that created in me a sense of belonging, combinedwith a nostalgia and yearning for the unknown.These factors may not be the best explanation for my work, but theyare inextricably linked to my roots in photography, roots that havenow expanded and evolved, growing constantly in to my way ofseeing and capturing the world that surrounds me.As I have more practice in the art of communicating by images ratherthan by words, I will finish by borrowing a phrase that, in my mind,sums up my work, or at least my intention with every photograph:‘I did not come to explain the world, I just came to play;I do not want to judge the man, the man I want to tell’.Facundo Cabral.

Studies.Tecnologia de la imagen (Photography carrer) UTN, Costa Rica.Publicidad y marketing (publicity carrer).Universidad Interamericana. Costa Rica.ProjectsThe Kids At Kanti Hospital – Nepal 2013France Through The Lens Of A Tourist – France 2014In Transit, A Travel Photography Project – Mexico, Costa Rica, Nepal,France, Belgium, Slovenia, Iceland. Ongoing.Paris In 78 Subway Stations – Photography Worksop with ThomasDworzak, Magnum Photography – Paris 2015Portraits of nature - On goingExpositionsEXPO PHOTO. Third Edition. Costa Rica 2013Camac Open Studio. France 2014See Me: Pro Member Appreciation Event. New York City 2014Gallery See Me: City And Beyond Collection. Florida 2015City and Beyond Collection. Presented at a private reception at hosted at:Musee du Louvre, July 13th, 2015Symbiose. Jardin Botanique de Marnay Sur Seine. France 20168°30’45N 3°33’31”E. Jour de Patrimoine. Marnay Sur Seine 2018Les nymphes de la seine. Collaboration with Laura Hempel. Jardin Botanique deMarnay sur Seine. July 2019Portraits of nature. Jardin Botanique de Marnay sur Seine, July 2019

Professional roles: Photographer

Location: France