Deep in the Weeds

Finalist - Abstract Views

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Portfolio details - Deep in the Weeds

Photographer: Rob Cardillo
Competition: Competition-14
Location: Various Locations, United States

Deep in the Weeds by Rob Cardillo

Like people, plants are prone to mingling. Reaching for the sun, embracing tendrils, crossing stems, they weave themselves into tapestries of shifting textures and colours. In roadside weed patches, native plant communities and even well-tended garden beds, I represented by framed nuanced gestures between twig and leaf, petal and pod, creating layered images with a photosynthetic pulse.

Through the lens, we see abstract beauty in the interplay of shapes, colour and light, yet the images remain fully grounded and invite us to commune with nature's silent social network.


Finalist, Portfolio - Competition-14

Abstract Views