IGPOTY Book – Collection 16 (eBook)

IGPOTY Book – Collection 16 (eBook)

IGPOTY Book – Collection 16 (eBook)
Image: © Jackie Kramer

About IGPOTY Book – Collection 16 (eBook)

This digital edition features a stunning selection of the winning photographs from the sixteenth International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition.

This book is for anyone who values the beauty and importance of a green planet. Inside you will discover some of the latest and greatest botanical photography, and a gateway to the wonderful worlds of flora, fauna and fungi.

IGPOTY exists to celebrate the achievement of all the awarded photographers, and to acknowledge the stunning majesty of natural and man-made gardens.

This volume features every awarded image from the main categories as well as Portfolios, and a selection of higher-placed images from the five Photo Projects and select Special Awards.

We hope you become inspired by the images within, and decide to enter one of our competitions or rediscover your love of plants and gardens – you never know how it may blossom!

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Type: Photo Book
Format: ebook
Date published: 14/08/23

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